UK album release: Beatles For Sale

The Beatles’ fourth Parlophone/EMI album, Beatles For Sale, contained a mix of LennonMcCartney originals and cover versions.

Because their schedules were so busy by the latter half of 1964, The Beatles resorted to recording a number of Cavern Club-era songs. One song, ‘I’ll Follow The Sun’, was written by Paul McCartney in 1959, and dusted down when it looked like they may be lacking suitable material.

Beatles For Sale album artwork

The weary cover photograph and title also show how The Beatles had become jaded by the demands of fame. If the album lacked the spark of their earlier releases, however, it didn’t stop it from becoming a runaway hit with the public.

Beatles For Sale had advance ordered of 750,000, which at the time was the highest such number ever for an album. Inevitably it went straight to number one, removing A Hard Day’s Night from the top spot, and staying there for seven weeks. It also returned to the top for a week on 27 February 1965, and for three weeks from 1 May 1965.

The album also briefly entered the singles chart, which at the time was based on sales regardless of disc diameter or number of tracks. It reached number 22.

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