Radio: The Public Ear

Following their With The Beatles recording session from 10am to 1pm, The Beatles made their first of three appearances on the BBC radio show The Public Ear.

The interview was recorded by the programme’s features assistant Michael Colley at NEMS Enterprises’ offices at 13 Monmouth Street, London. It was used as part of a 12-minute feature on the Mersey Beat phenomenon, presented by Tony Hall. Contributions, recorded separately, were also made by Pete Best, Bill Harry, Stuart Sutcliffe’s mother Millie, Liverpool beat poet Royston Ellis and various members of the public.

The Public Ear was a popular spoken word magazine show; this hour-long edition was first broadcast on the BBC Light Programme service from 3pm on Sunday 3 November.

Last updated: 14 March 2010
Recording: I Wanna Be Your Man, Little Child
Debut appearance on Ready, Steady, Go!
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