Brian Epstein denies The Beatles’ split

Despite having been hospitalised the previous month after overdosing on prescription medicine, The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein was forced to emerge from his recuperation clinic on this day to deny reports that Paul McCartney was leaving the group.

The latter part of 1966 saw much press speculation that The Beatles were splitting up, in the wake of their disastrous visit to the Philippines and a troubled US tour. Each of the four members pursued outside interests after their final concert, with John Lennon filming How I Won The War in Germany and Spain, George Harrison visiting India, and McCartney and Ringo Starr busying themselves in England.

Epstein took the opportunity to reveal that Lennon was appearing as Private Gripweed in Richard Lester’s film, and that McCartney was composing the music for another movie entitled Wedlocked, Or All In Good Time.

On 16 October United Artists announced that the film was to be retitled All In Good Time, and that Lennon and McCartney would be writing the soundtrack together. It was eventually released as The Family Way, and Lennon had no involvement in the music.

Last updated: 16 November 2010
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