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The Beatles recorded shows 11 and 12 of their BBC radio series Pop Go The Beatles on this day at the Playhouse Theatre in Hulme, Manchester.

They arrived at midday for a rehearsal, and began recording programme 11 from 1-4pm. They performed six songs: Ooh! My Soul, Don't Ever Change, Twist And Shout, their forthcoming single She Loves You, Anna (Go To Him) and A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues. The first two and the last of these were included on 1994's Live At The BBC.

Show 12 had an equally varied mix of songs. Eight songs were recorded: Lucille, From Me To You, I'll Get You, Money (That's What I Want), Baby It's You, There's A Place, Honey Don't and Roll Over Beethoven. Lucille and Baby It's You were not used in the final programme.

John Lennon sang lead vocals on Honey Don't, making it of particular interest. When the group recorded it for Beatles For Sale in 1964 it was Ringo Starr at the microphone. The version from this day was also included on Live At The BBC.

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  1. Linda Bostock

    Hi that day they were recording at the Playhouse in Hulme I was there. I had done a portrait of them and a gentleman called Mr Marrs had it. I went to get it and when I arrived he told me that they were due to arrive. Wow you can imagine how I felt 15 year old crazy Beatles fan. They signed it and I stayed and watched them doing the recordings . They were so friendly it was a day I will never forget and when I listen to the CD and the particular songs that they did that day I can say I was sat there with them. Wonderful.
    Kind Regards
    Linda Bostock

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