The Beatles agree to play the Top Ten Club

Although they were under contract to play at Bruno Koschmider’s Kaiserkeller club until 31 December 1960, they made a verbal agreement with rival club owner Peter Eckhorn to play at his new venue, the Top Ten Club.

The club had opened at the end of October 1960, and was in direct competition with the Kaiserkeller. Tony Sheridan and his group The Jets were the opening act, and Eckhorn had persuaded Koschmider’s bouncer Horst Fascher to work as the club’s manager.

As The Jets were shortly to return to England, Eckhorn began looking for groups to replace them. At the time The Beatles were becoming jaded with working for Koschmider, and knew the facilities at the Top Ten were better.

The Beatles were given an audition for Eckhorn and gave it their all. The following night they gave a performance at the club, much to Bruno Koschmider’s displeasure.

Last updated: 14 December 2010
The Beatles live: Kaiserkeller, Hamburg
The Beatles live: Kaiserkeller, Hamburg
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