Tape copying: Yer Blues, Don’t Pass Me By

Studio One (control room), EMI Studios, Abbey Road
Producer: George Martin
Tape operator: John Smith

Final mono and stereo mixes for the White Album had been completed on the previous day, but this extra session was needed before the album was ready.

There had been imperfections in the master tape of two songs, ‘Yer Blues’ and ‘Don’t Pass Me By’. Copies of the final mono mixes were made during this one-hour session, and were added to the master tape.

The mono pressing of the White Album was cut by EMI’s Harry Moss on 18 and 19 October, and the stereo version on 21 October. It was released in the UK on 22 November 1968, and three days later in the United States.

Last updated: 6 July 2022
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