Paul McCartney’s debut with the Quarrymen

Liverpudlian promoter Charlie 'Mac' McBain held regular skiffle and rock events at his venues. On Friday 18 October he ran one such event, at the New Clubmoor Hall in Norris Green, Liverpool. It was the first show in which Paul McCartney appeared onstage with the Quarrymen.

McCartney played lead guitar. First-night nerves, however, caused him to make a hash of his solo during the Quarrymen's version of Arthur Smith's 1946 instrumental hit Guitar Boogie.

Ticket for The Quarrymen at Wilson Hall, Liverpool, 18 October 1957

For my first gig, I was given a guitar solo on Guitar Boogie. I could play it easily in rehearsal so they elected that I should do it as my solo. Things were going fine, but when the moment came in the performance I got sticky fingers; I thought, 'What am I doing here?' I was just too frightened; it was too big a moment with everyone looking at the guitar player. I couldn't do it. That's why George was brought in.
Paul McCartney

McCartney's debut with the Quarrymen was a significant occasion in the development of the group. For the promoter, however, they made little solid impression. Charlie Mac's recorded verdict on the group was a scribbled "Good & Bad" on the Quarrymen's visiting card.

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6 responses on “Paul McCartney’s debut with the Quarrymen

  1. John Quinn

    I think this was at the Wilson hall Garston,Charlie Baines the manager had booked them and it was where Paul first sang his song dedicated to his mother Mary called ‘Iv,e lost my girl’,i was there at the time.

    1. pepperland

      It’s unlikely that he had written that song yet (maybe a few months after) and The Quarry Men never played self-written songs because they thought their songwriting was not good enough.

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