Paul McCartney and Mary Hopkin are filmed for Apple Records

At EMI Studios on this day, Paul McCartney was filmed with Apple Records’ new signing Mary Hopkin, as part of a promotional film for the label.

McCartney and Hopkin were filmed at EMI Studios in Abbey Road, listening to a playback of her recent recordings.

The footage was used in a film simply titled Apple, which was directed by Tony Bramwell and shot in colour on 16mm. It was intended to give EMI and Capitol executives an idea of The Beatles’ intentions for their new business venture.

The film we came up with was a little bit arty and airy-fairy. There was a sequence of James Taylor and Mary Hopkin and Paul doing ‘Blackbird’, which I had filmed in early June; unshown footage that the BBC had banned of The Beatles doing ‘A Day In The Life’ from Sgt Pepper; a bit about the new Apple shop; some footage on the wildly experimental Indica Art Gallery and finally, The Beatles having a business meeting with ‘Uncle’ Dick James in the new Apple offices in Wigmore Street. John Lennon insisted on including footage of Magic Alex in his habitual white coat, fiddling with a pile of junk. Overall, it was a pretty little film when it was finished and everyone said how well they thought it would go down. Ron Kass said it would be a very useful tool to show the record executives at the Capitol convention in LA what Apple was all about.
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Tony Bramwell

McCartney took the completed film to Los Angeles on 20 June. It was shown just three times: firstly to Capitol executives on the following day, then later that day at a sales convention at the Century Plaza hotel in Los Angeles. The final time was back in England on 26 August, when Derek Taylor showed it at an EMI sales conference.

Last updated: 10 June 2017
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