Paul McCartney marries Heather Mills

Paul McCartney married his second wife Heather Mills on 11 June 2002.

They first met on 20 May 1999 at the first annual Pride Of Britain Awards ceremony at London’s Dorchester Hotel, and by the end of the year they were a couple.

McCartney proposed to Mills on 23 July 2001, and they married seven months later. The wedding took place at Castle Leslie in the village of Glaslough in County Monaghan, Ireland.

‘Heather’, a new composition by McCartney, was played at the wedding. The song was also included on his 2001 album Driving Rain.

There’s a funny story about this track. It actually came about early one morning. I’d got up and was just jamming on the piano and Heather, who doesn’t know all of The Beatles songs because she’s young, said ‘That’s great – which Beatles song is that?’ I said ‘It’s not, I’m just making it up’. And she’s like ‘What? Now? Making it up now?’ Yeah. Suddenly she’s saying ‘Get it down! You’ve got to get that down, get it on a tape, now!’ I’m saying ‘No, it’s OK, I’m just noodling’, but she’s insisting ‘get it down!’, so we found a little dictaphone and played it into that. And then she said ‘By the way, what’s it called?’ ‘Oh’, I said, ‘It’s called ‘Heather”.
Paul McCartney, November 2001

McCartney and Mills separated on 17 May 2006 and their acrimonious divorce was finalised on 18 February 2008. The judgement was made public on 17 March.

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