US album release: Back To The Egg by Wings

Wings’ eighth and final album, Back To The Egg, was released in the United States on 11 June 1979.

Back To The Egg album artwork - Wings

Back To The Egg was first released on 8 June in the UK, where it reached number four on the album chart. It spent a total of just eight weeks on the countdown – the shortest run of any Wings album.

Three days later it was issued in the US, peaking at number eight. Sales of the album were initially strong, but lacked the momentum to become a chart-topper.

I saw a thing on the telly the other night. It said that there are three million copies of Back To The Egg waiting around in a warehouse, which sounds as if it is the world’s greatest flop. But for any other group to sell a million, which the album has, it is a major success. It is a good album; it’s the band’s first album. Those copies that they didn’t sell were mainly because the record company produced too many. They just thought that it was going to sell in huger quantities and they got stuck with them, which I think is a daft idea anyway. I think they should wait until somebody orders them, and then print them up.
Paul McCartney
Last updated: 15 July 2021
UK album release: Back To The Egg by Wings
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