Recording, mixing: Getting Better

Studio Two, EMI Studios, Abbey Road
Producer, engineer: Peter Vince

On 21 March 1967 The Beatles had attempted to record backing vocals for ‘Getting Better’. The session was abandoned, however, after John Lennon accidentally took LSD in the studio.

During this session, which ran from 7pm to 3.45am, the vocals were finally completed. Producer George Martin and balance engineer Geoff Emerick were both unavailable, so Peter Vince stood in for both roles.

Alternative photograph from the Sgt Pepper cover shoot

Afterwards a reduction mix, numbered take 15, was made, and combined the two vocal tracks. Further overdubs recorded during the session included handclaps, congas, piano and electric guitar, all heard on the right channel of the stereo mix of the song.

The session ended after three mono mixes of ‘Getting Better’ were made. These were numbered 1-3. The stereo mix was made on 17 April 1967.

Paul McCartney's handwritten lyrics for Getting Better

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