Filming: A Hard Day’s Night

Most of the scenes for A Hard Day’s Night were complete by this date, with a handful still to be filmed. On this day, The Beatles didn’t appear on camera, but recorded extra dialogue to be dubbed onto the images.

This post-sync work involved adding new lines and re-recording parts. It took place at Twickenham Film Studios in the morning. Among the overdubbed lines was John Lennon’s, after talking to a woman backstage: “She looks more like him than I do”.

Millie: Oh, wait a minute, don’t tell me who you are.
John: No, I’m not.
Millie: Oh, you are.
John: I’m not.
Millie: Oh, you are, I know you are.
John: I’m not, no.
Millie: You look just like him.
John: Do I? You’re the first one that’s said that ever.
Millie: [points to the mirror] Yes, you do. Look.
John: No, my eyes are lighter. The nose.
Millie: Oh, your nose is very.
John: Is it?
Millie: I would have said so.
John: Oh, you know him better, though.
Millie: I do not! He’s only a casual acquaintance.
John: That’s what you say.
Millie: What have you heard?
John: It’s all over the place.
Millie: Is it? Is it really?
John: Mmm, but I wouldn’t have it. I stuck up for you.
Millie: I knew I could rely on you.
John: Thanks.
Millie: [puts on her glasses] You don’t look like him at all.
[John walks away, pouting]
John: [to himself] She looks more like him than I do.
Last updated: 5 April 2010
Filming: A Hard Day's Night
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