The Beatles’ American invasion begins

At JFK The Beatles gave their first press conference on American soil.

Q: Are you a little embarrassed by the lunacy you cause?

John Lennon: No, it’s great.

Paul McCartney: No.

Ringo Starr: Marvelous.

George Harrison: We love it.

John: We like lunatics.

Q: You’re in favor of lunacy?

The Beatles: Yeah.

John: It’s healthy.

Q: Are those English accents?

George: It’s not English. It’s Liverpudlian, you see.

Paul: The Liverpool accent – so, the way you say some of the words. You know, you say GRASS instead of GRAHHSS, and that sounds a bit American. So there ya go.

Q: Liverpool is the…

Ringo: It’s the capital of Ireland.

Paul: Anyway, we wrote half of your folk songs in Liverpool.

Ringo: Yeah, don’t forget!

Q: In Detroit Michigan, there handing out car stickers saying, ‘Stamp Out The Beatles.’

Paul: Yeah well… first of all, we’re bringing out a ‘Stamp Out Detroit’ campaign.

Q: What about the Stamp Out The Beatles campaign?

John: What about it?

Ringo: How big are they?

Q: Would you tell Murray the K to cut that crap out?

The Beatles: Cut that crap out!

Paul: Hey, Murray!

Q: A psychiatrist recently said you’re nothing but a bunch of British Elvis Presleys.

John: He must be blind.

Ringo (shaking like Elvis): It’s not true! It’s not true!

Q: Would you please sing something?

The Beatles: No!

Ringo: Sorry.

Q: There’s some doubt that you can sing.

John: No, we need money first.

Q: What do you expect to take out of this country?

John: About half a crown.

Ringo: Ten dollars.

Q: Does all that hair help you sing?

Paul: What?

Q: Does all that hair help you sing?

John: Definitely. Yeah.

Q: You feel like Sampson? If you lost your hair, you’d lose what you have? ‘It’?

John: Don’t know. I don’t know.

Paul: Don’t know.

Q: How many of you are bald, that you have to wear those wigs?

Ringo: All of us.

Paul: I’m bald.

Q: You’re bald?

John: Oh, we’re all bald, yeah.

Paul: Don’t tell anyone, please.

John: I’m deaf and dumb, too.

Last updated: 3 March 2023
UK EP release: All My Loving
Radio: Saturday Club
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