Live: Rialto Theatre, York

As with the previous night's show in Bedford, John Lennon was unable to perform due to illness, so The Beatles took to the stage as a three-piece.

This was The Beatles' second concert at York's Rialto Theatre with a month; they had previously played there on 27 February as part of the Helen Shapiro tour. This time they appeared on the same bill as Tommy Roe and Chris Montez.

The Beatles performed six songs: Love Me Do, Misery, A Taste Of Honey, Do You Want To Know A Secret, Please Please Me and I Saw Her Standing There.

The group returned to the Rialto on two other occasions: 29 May and 27 November 1963.

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2 responses on “Live: Rialto Theatre, York

  1. judy martin

    I met paul george and ringo along with tommy roe , what a fight to get autographs ,i nearly got my fingers broken getting my friends autograph book so she would have them as well . I remember we walked home just looking at the autographs and it was raining so they got smudged but thankfully not ruined . The downside to all this that my ex husband has lived off this cause when we split up he got them . But he hasnt the memories i have looking at george and him giving me that lovely boyish smile the best day of my life by far

  2. Eileen (Neal) Simpson

    I also met Paul, George and Ringo that day. Some friends and I played hookey from Tech in Castlegate to wait outside the stage door. Kenny Lynch came to talk to us and when we told him we would love to meet the Beatles, he got them to come down to see us. I was disappointed that John had laryngitis, so wasn’t there, but we got Paul, George and Ringo’s autographs. For some unknown reason, I got Paul’s twice. The first lot of autographs had my name on them and signed with love from them, but the second one from Paul was just his autograph but with the word (Beatles) underneath, as if to say, you won’t remember who I am or what group I was with in a few years time. Little did we know that they would change the music scene forever! I just wished I’d also had a camera with me.

    Eileen (Neal) Simpson, Sparta, Ontario, Canada

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