Live: Marine Hall Ballroom, Fleetwood

The Beatles performed just once in Fleetwood, a town in the Wyre district of Lancashire, England.

They played at the Marine Hall Ballroom on the Esplanade. John Lennon spent several childhood holidays in Fleetwood with a cousin who lived in the town.

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One response on “Live: Marine Hall Ballroom, Fleetwood

  1. Alan Wright

    Ah, good to be reminded of the days I played in a pop group. As a Fleetwood band my group The Trespassers played on the same bill as The Beatles at The Marine Hall on 25th August 1962,
    We had a great reception being familiar with what was required & the gig went well
    Unfortunately,The Beatles were not so lucky & did not go down well at all
    However,as we know, they soon blossomed into the group we all know & loved

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