Back To The Egg album artwork - WingsWritten by: Paul McCartney
Recorded: 11-29 September 1978
Producers: Paul McCartney, Chris Thomas

Released: 8 June 1979 (UK), 11 June 1979 (US)

Available on:
Back To The Egg


Paul McCartney: piano, electric guitar, Mellotron
Laurence Juber: ARP guitar synthesizer
Harold Margary: spoken word

‘The Broadcast’ is a track on Wings’ last album Back To The Egg.

It was recorded in September 1978 at Lympne (pronounced Lim) Castle in Kent, England. The owners of the castle appeared on two recordings: Dierdre Margary contributed to the opening track ‘Reception’, speaking lines from AP Herbert’s poem ‘The Poodle and the Pug’, while her husband Harold recited lines from The Sport Of Kings by Ian Hay and The Little Man by John Galsworthy over the backing track of ‘The Broadcast’.

The two people who owned the castle we were recording at … We set up a little mobile unit and they used to invite us in for a drink every evening. Me and Linda would sit in their sitting room and they were [gently upper-class accent] ‘very lovely people, very far back.’ We got a great relationship with them. Even though we were different generations and classes, we just had a lot in common. And I hit on this idea, I asked them would you select some favourite prose or poetry, just read it for me and I’ll use it in a collage. So that became ‘The Broadcast’.

Paul McCartney
Conversations with McCartney, Paul Du Noyer

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