‘Keep Coming Back to Love’ was a b-side of Paul McCartney’s 1993 single ‘C’Mon People’.

The song was co-written by McCartney and Hamish Stuart. It was their second collaboration, following ‘Is It Raining In London?’

Hamish Stuart is a really good soul singer and because he’s in the group and he’s a writer, it was a natural thing to suggest, ‘why don’t we try to write together?’

We wrote a couple. I think our voices blend amazingly well together when we sing harmonies.

Paul McCartney, 1993
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The release

On 22 February 1993 ‘C’Mon People’ was released as the second single from Off The Ground. The 7″ vinyl edition had ‘I Can’t Imagine’ on the b-side.

There were also two compact disc singles. The first had ‘C’Mon People’, ‘I Can’t Imagine’, ‘Keep Coming Back To Love’, and ‘Down To The River’, while the second had ‘C’Mon People’, ‘Deliverance’, and ‘Deliverance’ (Dub Mix).

The single was not a commercial success, although it did reach number 15 in the Netherlands. In the UK and Germany it peaked at 41.

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