‘Deliverance’ was a b-side of Paul McCartney’s 1993 single ‘C’Mon People’.

There were two remixes issued on the single: ‘Deliverance’ and ‘Deliverance’ (Dub Mix). Both were by DJ Steve Anderson, and contained samples from the tracks on McCartney’s Off The Ground album.

A promotional video for ‘Deliverance’ was directed by Richard Helsop, who did the same for ‘Biker Like An Icon’.

A video for Deliverance was directed by Richard Helsop, who later directed the promo film for Biker Like An Icon.

I was asked to make a video for this remix of Paul’s song in 1993 so I used some of my 8mm home movies and found footage to create a visual journey and mood piece. It features footage I shot in Argentina and St Lucia and London from my travels. The last image is of a young Paul McCartney which is the only reference to him in the video as it was released under a different name.

The release

‘Deliverance’ was initially released as a white-label 12″ vinyl single sent to club DJs. The single contained both mixes of the track.

On 22 February 1993 ‘C’Mon People’ was released as the second single from Off The Ground. The 7″ vinyl edition had ‘I Can’t Imagine’ on the b-side.

There were also two compact disc singles. The first had ‘C’Mon People’, ‘I Can’t Imagine’, ‘Keep Coming Back To Love’, and ‘Down To The River’, while the second had ‘C’Mon People’, ‘Deliverance’, and ‘Deliverance’ (Dub Mix).

The single was not a commercial success, although it did reach number 15 in the Netherlands. In the UK and Germany it peaked at 41.

Press release


Paul McCartney came clean today and revealed that he is the unlikely mystery man behind the new Dance rave ‘Deliverance’ that has shot straight into the Top 10 club charts.

For the past two weeks, club ravers all over Britain have been asking ‘who wrote ‘Deliverance’?’ – the House sensation now riding at No. 9 in the national DMC dance chart.

Thousands of clubbers were doubly frustrated to learn that the secret hit wasn’t available in record shops.

But today Macca admitted the mystery song was his all along.

And although he originally only released it to club DJs for fun, public demand from the dance floors has now forced his record company EMI / PARLOPHONE to allow ‘Deliverance’ to go on sale from Friday (January 15th).

Rumours had spread through the clubs that ‘Deliverance’ was the work of a House band based in Brixton. Other gossip had it that the song had emerged out of Manchester’s ultra-hip hit factory, The Hacienda.

But today Paul admitted: ‘It was me’.

‘Deliverance’ – a House dub track inspired by McCartney’s new single ‘Hope Of Deliverance’ – was mixed by hit-maker Steve Anderson in a revolutionary new way.

Instead of merely remixing the single, Anderson made the song by taking samples of the 12 songs on McCartney’s forthcoming new album Off The Ground and mixing them together.

But the result was so unlike anything Paul has ever done before that no-one guessed the former BeatIe was behind it.

‘Deliverance’ was given rave reviews by Pete Tong, the Radio 1 Dance DJ, and disc jockeys in clubs all over the country voted the song a big House hit.

Reviewing the record, Graeme Park – the influential and trend-setting Dance DJ at Manchester’s Hacienda Club dubbed it: ‘A housed-up monster of a groove… absolutely huge regardless of who is behind it’.

Said Paul: ‘I know this song is unlike what people would usually expect from me but I enjoy a good boogie as much as anybody and I didn’t want to ignore the dance audience. Originally it was just a bit of a laugh, something for the clubs, and we kept the name off it. But it seems to have gone down so well in the clubs that people have urged me to put it out on release. I’m really pleased with what Steve Anderson has done with the song, which gives just a nod to ‘Hope Of Deliverance’. I’m especially pleased because apparently it’s the first time that anyone has mixed a song in this way.’

Said Steve Anderson: ‘The idea of making a track from sourcing all the songs on an album is a totally new concept. I’ve never done it before and I’ve never heard of anyone else doing it either. Paul gave me licence to do what I wanted and I’ve been overwhelmed by the response. I’m relieved that Paul’s finally releasing ‘Deliverance’ because so many people I now have heard it and asked me ‘Where the hell can I get a copy?”

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