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Mixing: Oh! Darling, Because, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

Studio Two (control room), EMI Studios, Abbey Road
Producer: George Martin
Engineers: Geoff Emerick, Phil McDonald

Three Abbey Road songs were mixed in stereo during this 7pm-2am session.

‘Oh! Darling’ was the first to be tackled. Five mixes, numbered 5-9, were made. Next up was ‘Because’, which needed just two mixes to complete.

The third song was ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’. Ten mixes were made, numbered 27-36, following earlier efforts made on 6 August 1969.

Take 34 was chosen as the best for the time being, although it was subsequently combined with a remix, number 37, of the final verse only. That work took place two days later on 14 August.

Last updated: 7 July 2022
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