John Lennon and Yoko Ono are interviewed for the BBC’s Scene And Heard

John Lennon and Yoko Ono gave an interview on this day to David Wigg for the BBC Radio 1 show Scene And Heard.

This was the first time Lennon and Ono had been interviewed by Wigg, who had previously spoken to George Harrison and Ringo Starr on the radio. The discussion took place at the Apple Corps headquarters at 3 Savile Row, London.

Although the album Unfinished Music No 2: Life With The Lions was to be issued in the UK the following day, it was not mentioned in the interview. Instead, talk was dominated by the Lennons’ peace campaigns.

The interview also covered The Beatles’ use of drugs, anti-Beatles backlashes in the UK press, corporal punishment in schools, Lennon’s belief in life after death, and his love for Ono.

The interview was broadcast over two editions of Scene And Heard, on 11 and 18 May 1969 from 3-4pm.

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