Paul McCartney and Jane Asher holiday in Switzerland

On this day Paul McCartney and his girlfriend Jane Asher flew to Switzerland for a two-week skiing holiday.

The couple rented a chalet in the mountains about half a mile from the town of Klosters. During their stay McCartney worked on musical ideas for The Beatles’ next album.

I can remember more about writing Revolver than about recording it. I was in Switzerland on my first skiing holiday. I’d done a bit of skiing in Help! and quite liked it, so I went back and ended up in a little bathroom in a Swiss chalet writing ‘For No One’. I remember the descending bass-line trick that it’s based on, and I remember the character in the song – the girl putting on her make-up.
Paul McCartney

The couple returned to England on 20 March 1966, after which McCartney moved into his house at 7 Cavendish Avenue, London.

Last updated: 20 June 2010
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