George and Pattie Harrison honeymoon in Barbados

Eighteen days after they married in Esher, Surrey, on 8 February 1966 George and Pattie Harrison flew to Barbados for their honeymoon.

The couple were followed by television cameras through the London Airport terminal until they boarded their BOAC flight. George wore a suit and Pattie wore a black and white outfit and sunglasses.

George and Pattie Harrison, 1966

We spent our honeymoon in Barbados in a fabulous rented villa called Benclare at Gibbs Beach, on what is now the Sandy Lane Estate. It was perched on a hill with a sweeping lawn to the main road, views of the sea and a full staff. One day we were out in the garden and the maid said, ‘Oh, look, there’s the Queen of England!’ Sure enough, there she was, driving past in an open-topped car waving to everyone, with Prince Philip sitting beside her, head buried in a newspaper. We spent beautiful sunny days exploring the island, playing in the sea and having romantic dinners at home to the sound of the ever-present tree frogs. We lounged on the beach, went to the famous Sandy Lane Hotel, swam, talked and walked, and I was so happy I thought I might burst. It was bliss to have George to myself, no work pulling either of us and no fans making life a misery.

We didn’t know anyone on the island and there were few tourists at that time, but gradually word got out that we were there so we posed a couple of times for the local press, and then the local dignitaries wanted to be photographed with us. We made a few friends including the eccentric George Drummond, of the banking family, who lived there. He showed us around the island and gave parties for us to meet other locals.

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