Paul McCartney meets Stevie Wonder

Paul McCartney saw young Motown star Stevie Wonder perform on this day at the Scotch Of St James club in London.

The Beatles were all fans of Motown’s recordings, and after the performance McCartney and Wonder chatted backstage.

Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder at the Scotch Of St James club, London, 3 February 1966

Wonder’s tutor, Ted Bull, accompanied the 15-year-old singer on his tours.

When on tour I have to write essays about the places I visit. In the essay I’ll be writing when I get back I’ll certainly include my meeting with Paul McCartney. I met him in the Scotch Of St James club. He’s a really swinging guy, the only Beatle I’ve met.
Stevie Wonder
NME, 18 February 1966

Many years later, in 1982, the pair released a single, ‘Ebony And Ivory’, which topped the charts in both the UK and US.

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