Live: Festival Hall, Brisbane, Australia

The Beatles' 1964 world tour ended on this night, with two shows at the Festival Hall in Brisbane. Each of the concerts was seen by 5,500 fans.

During the day they took two hire cars to the Gold Coast, where they spent time relaxing on a stretch of sand between Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise.

The Beatles returned to Lennons Hotel in Brisbane after their second concert of the night. The following day they began their long return journey back to England.

Beatles fans in Brisbane, Australia, 1964

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  1. Eddie Leonard

    I saw the Beatles at Festival Hall for the first concert. I was at Qld Uni at a College and we queued for 2 days to get tickets. Couldn’t hear much because of the screaming. A group from our College wanted to get a name for ourselves so, stupidly we decided we would throw eggs at the Beatles at the Airport. Young and stupid. The poor Beatles thought that this would start a fad similar to girls throwing their panties at Tom Jones. It was in all the papers

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