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The Beatles live: Litherland Town Hall, Liverpool

This was The Beatles’ fifth show at Litherland Town Hall, where they had given a triumphant homecoming performance on 27 December 1960, following their first trip to Hamburg.

This was a special event to mark St Valentine’s Day. Paul McCartney wore a red satin heart, embroidered with the names John, Paul, George and Pete, on his coat during the group’s performance of Elvis Presley’s song Wooden Heart.

The heart was later raffled, and the winner was promised a kiss from McCartney. However, when she claimed her prize, the stage was invaded by hordes of other girls. John Lennon was knocked to the floor, all the other members were mobbed, and The Beatles were eventually rescued by bouncers. The show was temporarily stopped until calm could be restored.

The Beatles played at the venue on 20 separate occasions between December 1960 and 9 November 1961. Prior to playing this show they appeared at the Cassanova Club in Liverpool.

Last updated: 24 January 2024
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