George Harrison is born

George Harrison was born on 25 February 1943 in a tiny 'two up, two down' house on Arnold Grove, a cul-de-sac in the Wavertree area of Liverpool.

He was the youngest of four siblings, with a sister Louise (born 1931) and two brothers, Harry (1934) and Peter (1940).

George's parents were Louise and Harold Harrison, Roman Catholics with Irish roots. His father was a bus conductor who had worked as a ship's steward on the White Star Line, and his mother was a shop assistant in Liverpool.

I remember tiptoeing up the stairs to see him after he was born, All I could think of was that he looked remarkably like me.
Harold Harrison

Some sources list George's birth date as 24 February, but his birth certificate specified the following day as the true date.

The Harrisons lived at 12 Arnold Grove until 1950, when the family moved to 25 Upton Green in Liverpool's Speke area. George's first school was Dovedale Road, near to Penny Lane. Like Paul McCartney, he passed his 11 Plus exam and attained a place at the Liverpool Institute for Boys. He remained there from 1954 to 1959.

A poor student, Harrison left school without any qualifications. He instead formed a skiffle group, The Rebels, with his brother Peter and a friend, Arthur Kelly.

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5 responses on “George Harrison is born

  1. sertaneja

    George himself insisted it was on the 24th. It seems he was born a few minutes before midnight. His father made a mistake and thought it was ten minutes after midnight. It was not. That’s why the documents say he was botn on the 25h. But he was not.

    1. pepperland

      “Both Louises, George’s mother and sister, gave the date of birth as 25 February 1943, which is also how it was registered the next day, and on the baptism certificate soon after, and was always written and celebrated…until the 1990s, when George decided to announce he’d been born on the 24th.”
      -Mark Lewisohn (Tune In)

  2. Silly Girl

    I have heard that he was born shortly after midnight daylight savings time on the 25th, which means that by normal time it would have been the 24th.

    Regardless, I continue to celebrate it on the 25the.

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