The cover artwork

The vinyl edition of Ringo came in a gatefold sleeve with a 24-page 12″ booklet containing the lyrics and illustrations by Klaus Voormann.

The album cover featured a painting by Tim Bruckner showing a cast of characters including the album musicians, friends and associates of Ringo Starr. Read an interview with the artist in which he discusses working with Ringo on the album art and other projects.

Ringo Starr: cover artwork for Ringo album (1973)

The top of the cover bore the phrase “Duit on mon dei”, based on the English royal motto “Dieu et mon droit” (French for “God and my right”). Bruckner was asked to include the phrase, a favourite of Harry Nilsson’s which was used as the title for his 1975 album.

The album photography and art direction was by Barry Feinstein, and the package was coordinated by Alan Pariser.

The cover cast

Figures on the Ringo album cover (1973)

In 2014 artist Tim Bruckner spent an afternoon with Beatles fan Dale Applebee identifying the characters on the Ringo cover. Sincere thanks to both for their help in compiling this key to the sleeve.

There was no concept at the time. I put together 10 concept sketches and they picked the one with him on stage with a balcony full of people. There are 26 portraits in the balcony. The rest are people I invented. There are 26 portraits in the balcony. The rest are people I invented.

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  1. Ringo Starr
  2. Cherub
  3. Hilary Gerrard (Ringo’s financial adviser)
  4. Tim Bruckner (artist)
  5. Popcorn Man (folk art figure)
  6. Terry Southern (author)
  7. Peter Sellers
  8. Miranda Quarry (Peter Sellers’ wife)
  9. Marc Bolan
  10. Lightbulb Man (folk art figure)
  11. Mal Evans
  12. Judy Szekely
  13. David Bromberg
  14. Richard Manuel (The Band)
  15. Garth Hudson (The Band)
  16. Rick Danko (The Band)
  17. Klaus Voormann
  18. Levon Helm (The Band)
  19. Yoko Ono
  20. Barry Feinstein
  21. Robbie Robertson (The Band)
  22. John Lennon
  23. Linda McCartney
  24. Paul McCartney
  25. Alan Pariser
  26. Eggman
  27. George Harrison
  28. Martha
  29. Ringo Starr puppet
  30. Richard Perry (producer)
  31. Ringo Starr
  32. Ringo Starr as Merlin the magician
  33. Blue Nun (a popular drink during the sessions)
  34. Vini Poncia
  35. Bill Schnee (audio engineer)
  36. Harry Nilsson
  37. Robin Cruikshank
  38. Jim Keltner
  39. Doug Sax
  40. Bear reading newspaper headlined: “RINGO it’s a hit!”
  41. Nicky Hopkins
  42. Billy Preston
  43. Leon Russell