‘Loup (1st Indian On The Moon)’ is a wordless song on Wings’ second album Red Rose Speedway.

Because it’s an album track we had a bit more room to manoeuvre. And I think it’s the rebellious aspect of Wild Life coming back in. So you’ve got ‘My Love’, and that’s a proper song. You’ve got some other proper songs on the album. But then we’ve got something like ‘Loup’, where it was sort of a bit of fun for us. It’s pretty experimental. But we didn’t ever play it live, it was just something fun that only existed in the studio.
Paul McCartney, 2018

I love it, although it’s really not a commercial track at all. It’s a moody instrumental. It’s just a thing really, hard to explain about the first Red Indian on the Moon called Loup. It’s just a story but you can see through his eyes. It’s a spacey track, but the album’s not like that.
Paul McCartney, 2018
Melody Maker, 2 December 1972

‘Loup (1st Indian On The Moon)’ was recorded at Olympic Sound Studios in London from 15-17 March 1972.

Linda McCartney played her recently-acquired Minimoog synth, which added a suitably otherworldly element to the song.

The song was never performed live by Wings or McCartney as a solo artist.

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