‘Bogey Wobble’ is an experimental instrumental recording made by Paul McCartney during the sessions for his second solo album McCartney II.

McCartney had been asked to write music for the soundtrack to a film version of Raymond Briggs book Fungus The Bogeyman. Although it never happened, he did produce this piece and ‘Bogey Music’.

There’s a book called Fungus The Bogeyman, for kids and grown-ups too, which was sent to me by some fellow who’s making it into a film and who wanted me to do some music in it. The story is a bit strange, and the basic idea is that the bogeymen are people who make bumps in the night. They live beneath the ground and come out at night and frighten people and they like everything that is opposite to what we like. If we like warm dry clothes, they like wet slimy ones. And they’ve got all sorts of crazy books in their library, like Lady Chatterley’s Bogey.
Paul McCartney

‘Bogey Wobble’ remained officially unreleased until 2011, when it was part of the Archive Collection reissue of McCartney II.

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