Wings live: Rainbow Theatre, London

Wings performed at the Rainbow Theatre in London, England, on 5 December 1979.

It was the tenth night of the 19-date Wings UK Tour 1979, and the second of six non-consecutive nights at three different London venues.

Backstage at The Rainbow. I’m headed for the 100 and Linda comes down the corridor, invites me into the dressing-room. It’s kinda homely in there, not like some sorta, whatsit, Big Popstar Sacred Sanctum. Verbals and grinning and “did you like it?” and me saying yes, yes the Rock ‘n’ Roll, this band knows how to play Rock ‘n’ Roll and a voice saying ‘Yes, we heard you shouting “Rock ‘n’ Roll!”‘ and Rock ‘n’ Roll is and will be and that makes me very happy.

Paul introduces me a German called Horst, the man who ran the Star Club in Hamburg where The Fabs played unending hours; punks in leathers from a dockside town that had bred Britain’s first Rockabilly star Billy Fury (who the Beatles sorta almost nearly backed), an uncelebrated place called Liverpool. Horst’s friend is wearing a dynamite enamelled badge that says ‘Star Club’ in the long-closed venue’s logo. History on a pin. Goodness gracious great badge: desire. ‘D’you want it?’ says Paul, then turning earnestly to the guy and asking ‘Now are you sure you can get another one?’ The bloke nods, Horst laughs, and suddenly I’ve got a treasure. Well Paul does have Bill Black’s stand-up bass, after all, the one on the Elvis, Scotty and Bill tracks…

BP Fallon
Club Sandwich #17, 1980

Wings were Paul McCartney on vocals, guitar, bass guitar, and keyboards; Linda McCartney on vocals and keyboards; Denny Laine on vocals, guitar, and bass guitar; Laurence Juber on guitar; and Steve Holley on drums, plus a horns and brass section consisting of Howie Casey, Tony Dorsey, Steve Howard, and Thaddeus Richard.

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