Mixing: Penny Lane

Studio One (control room), EMI Studios, Abbey Road
Producer: George Martin
Engineer: Geoff Emerick

The recording of ‘Penny Lane’ had concluded on 17 January 1967, but work wasn’t completed to The Beatles’ satisfaction until this day.

Although a copy of a 17 January mono mix had been sent to Capitol Records for release and radio distribution, Paul McCartney felt that it could be improved upon. Three more mono mixes, numbered 12-14, were therefore made on this day, the main difference being the omission of the seven-note trumpet coda by David Mason.

The mixing session began at 6.30pm and lasted for two hours, taking place in the control room of Studio One. From 9-10pm tape copies of remix mono 14 were made, and discs were hastily pressed and sent to the United States.

Last updated: 7 July 2022
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