John Lennon films a sequence for Not Only… But Also

John Lennon filmed a second appearance on the comedy television show Not Only… But Also on 27 November 1966.

Lennon played the role of Dan, a doorman at the fictional nightclub Ad Lav. The name was a spoof on the Ad Lib Club, a venue often frequented by The Beatles and other leading showbusiness personalities of the mid-1960s.

John Lennon in Not Only… But Also, 27 November 1966

Lennon wore a uniform complete with top hat and gloves, and for perhaps the first time in public wore the wire-framed granny glasses that would soon become his trademark.

The 51-second sketch was filmed early in the morning on London’s Broadwick Street, beside the entrance to the underground men’s toilet on the corner of Hopkins Street. It also featured Peter Cook as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

The edition of Not Only… But Also featuring the sketch was first shown on BBC One on 26 December 1966 at 9pm.

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