UK album release: Rubber Soul

The Beatles' sixth UK album Rubber Soul was released on this day as Parlophone PMC 1267 (mono) and PCS 3075 (stereo).

Rubber Soul - The Beatles

Rubber Soul had advance orders of more than 500,000. It entered the album charts on 11 December 1965, and spent nine weeks at the top from 25 December. In all it remained in the charts for 42 consecutive weeks.

The first Beatles album to contain songs composed by each group member, and with no cover versions, it was also the final time - barring the Yellow Submarine soundtrack in 1969 - that The Beatles would release two albums of original material in one year. It was also their first not to feature The Beatles' name on the front cover.

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5 responses on “UK album release: Rubber Soul

  1. Bill Brown

    The Rubber Soul album I bought in 1965 did not have “Drive My Car” as first track. If I remember correctly(And I may not, lots of brain cells have died since then) that track was on the Revovler album. The first track on my Rubber Sould was “I’ve Just Seen A Face”. I do remember that, because that was song I sang to audition for a local garage band and had to buy the album to memorize lyrics. Why can’t I find Rubber Soul album with that track anymore?

  2. Ballet Axioms

    Happy Birthday Rubber Soul ! I prefer Rubber Soul by far (over Revolver) it was the Beatles zenith work. Rubber Soul is the last “John Lennon is man” album. Because after Rubber Soul and from then on unfortunately Lennon’s attitude was forever altered by all the drugs he was taking (mostly LSD, & Pot). This changed John’s leadership into a following-ship – Paul, seeing the damage then tried to pick up the leadership slack due to John’s incapacity. Thus we begin to see (in my opinion) a down-slide of the Beatles work product and of necessity resorting to more studio ‘tricks’ and gimmicks. The Beatles were John Lennon and John Lennon was the Beatles, he started the group gave them their name and no one was in without his agreement. Paul did not want to lead the group but John was just too ‘scared’ to function like a fully rational man (pot makes some people paranoid) Look at Lennon’s pictures from Sgt. Pepper on, he became more androgynous and was no longer a ‘man’s man’ that he natively was. (this happened to George too, to some degree, it affected Ringo the least – Paul was also mostly too creative to let anything stop him). Lennon was too paranoid play live, he admitted his-self that he was scared, trying all kinds of therapy – drinking eventually gave him some relief, but because it was never noticed (apparently) that POT and LSD did in his self, the real cause was never identified thus he suffered to some extents all the way to the end. With this theory of mine you will find that it explains all kinds of issues with the Beatles and why they broke up, it wasn’t ‘women’ ‘needing to find their own self’ or ‘business problems’ it was his inability to deal with all those NORMAL issues we all must face living on Earth. These people were artists and so who would destroy their main outlet of production of art ? I contend that were it not for D R U G S that the Beatles would have never broke up. Boo to Dylan – who started them on pot, notice how John’s songs change right after Aug. 1964 to much more introspective manner. Some will say it enhanced their creativity – no, it suppressed the thing that makes the music and art, their humanity and native selves.

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