Live: Two Red Shoes Ballroom, Elgin, Scotland

The Beatles began their first tour of 1963 with a performance at the Two Red Shoes Ballroom, Elgin, Scotland, on 3 January.

The Two Red Shoes opened as a jazz venue on 28 July 1960 by Albert Bonici.

The Beatles' Scottish tour had been booked in November 1962 by Jack Fallon at the Cana Variety Agency. The Beatles earned £42 a night.

Despite the low cost, Fallon still lost money on the tour but a clause in his contract did offer Bonici an exclusive option on all future appearances in Scotland.

Advertisement for The Beatles at Two Red Shoes Ballroom, Elgin, Scotland, 3 January 1963

The group's appearance at the Two Red Shoes was promoted by the Elgin Folk Music Club, who regularly staged events at the venue.

The ballroom where The Beatles performed was L-shaped, which meant that some members of the audience were unable to see the stage.

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2 responses on “Live: Two Red Shoes Ballroom, Elgin, Scotland

  1. scotbeat

    The Two Red Shoes Ballroom was never L-Shaped as Ringo believes [see plans at . Also, though band leader Alex.Sutherland was correct about 80 in audience for first half of show, it wasn’t a complete wash out for the first tour gig of The Beatles [with Ringo in the band]. They were appreciated by the young beat fans and 200 showed up for the second half of the performance. The jazz-style house band were impressed by the arrangements of cover songs besides the harmonies. Considering that it was a cold, snowy night in January, it was a respectable turn-out since people around Elgin hadn’t heard the band other than “Love Me Do” which had made it on the top twenty chart of Luxembourg radio…

  2. Roger McLaren

    Spent many times dancing at The Two Red Shoes in the 1960s.Courted the beautiful and talented Alyson Armstrong during that time. Remember The Beatles as was the day after my 21st birthday.

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