Radio: The Friday Spectacular

This was The Beatles' first appearance on Radio Luxembourg, one of the earliest commercial radio stations broadcasting to the United Kingdom, and an important source of rock 'n' roll music for many teenagers in the early 1960s.

The Friday Spectacular was one of several shows recorded by EMI for the station, and was intended to plug the label's records. This show was recorded at EMI House, the label's headquarters in Manchester Square, London.

The Beatles appeared before a studio audience of over 100 people. They were interviewed but didn't perform; the studio versions of Love Me Do and PS I Love You were also played.

This edition of The Friday Spectacular was broadcast on Radio Luxembourg from 10-11pm on Friday 12 October 1962.

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  1. Tregeare

    I remember hearing this broadcast at home on my gran’s radio – the first time I had heard of them. I was really taken by the refreshing informality & wit and I told my mate that I’d heard this great group called the Beagles. Question – who was their interviewer ?

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