The Beatles’ RIAA certifications

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is the trade group that represents the US recording industry. It certifies gold, platinum, multi-platinum and diamond sales awards for best-selling record releases.

The following are the certifications for The Beatles' albums sold in the United States. It documents the original UK releases which are now available on CD in the US and around the world.

A release is certified gold after shipping 500,000 copies; 1m warrants a platinum award. Double albums are counted twice, hence the high score of The Beatles (White Album) and the Anthology releases.

Figures believed correct as of January 2009.

8 responses on “The Beatles’ RIAA certifications

  1. McLerristarr

    Joe, you’ve written that the albums are the original UK released albums but what about Magical Mystery Tour?

    Also, how many sales indicate a Diamond certification?

    1. Joe Post author

      Fair point. When I mentioned the original UK albums, I meant it didn’t include Meet The Beatles!, Beatles VI etc.

      Magical Mystery Tour was only properly released in the UK in 1976, although it was imported before then. But this list refers just to US sales. I’ll reword it so it’s a bit clearer.

      As for diamond sales, they’re for 10m units sold. There have been a few – I’ll update the list later.

  2. Scoun

    It says that the “figures are believed correct as of January 2009.” I think that the information would be far more accurate if it was “correct as of 2011” or something like that, as January 2009 was before the huge remaster campaign that occured later that year, which I presume caused a high increase in the Beatles’ popularity and album sales.

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