Paul McCartney live: Estadio Nacional, Santiago

Paul McCartney performed at the Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos in Santiago, Chile, on 16 December 1993.

It was the final night of the New World Tour, which lasted for 77 dates across 19 countries between February and December 1993.

From the last tour. Santiago. It was the last gig and also because the stadium was where Pinochet had put all the political prisoners; so it was chilling being in the dressing room where we knew they’d shot all the poets and the artists. And I got that feeling of having to exorcise the Devil from it, so I felt pretty good about doing ‘Let It Be’. There’s a similar place in Frankfurt where Hitler had spoken, and when you know Hitler or Pinochet has been in these places and done dirty work, there is a sort of blessing about coming in and sort of singing a peaceful song. And that was a particularly good show, a big crowd of 70,000; and the tour guys all loved it. It was like a big family show, our last show on the tour, and everybody was happy to be going home. But that dressing room thing is what sticks in my mind.
Paul McCartney, 2003
Back In The World Tour book

McCartney’s band was Linda McCartney on vocals, keyboards, and percussion; Hamish Stuart on guitar, bass guitar, and vocals; Robbie McIntosh on guitar and vocals; Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens on keyboards and vocals; and Blair Cunningham on drums and percussion.

McCartney returned to the Estadio Nacional on 11 May 2011 during the Up And Coming Tour, and 20 March 2019 during the Freshen Up Tour.

Paul McCartney – New World Tour programme (1993)

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