Ringo Starr attends the US première of The Magic Christian in Los Angeles

The Magic Christian, starring Ringo Starr and Peter Sellers, had its US première in Los Angeles on this day.

Starr and his wife Maureen Starkey attended the event, which took place at the Four Star Theater at 5112 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles. Afterwards they went to a party held at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The world première of The Magic Christian had taken place in London on 12 December 1969. The film's New York première was on 11 February 1970.

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One response on “Ringo Starr attends the US première of The Magic Christian in Los Angeles

  1. Ben Levine

    The man driving Ringo & Mo to the Magic Christian L.A. premier was chauffeur Ben Hill (also drove for George, John & previously Sinatra). Two girls from Sylmar, Ca. (Kay & Karla Ferguson) also attended that night in Los Angeles.
    Kay caught Ben’s eye and they began dating. Karla (my high school friend) told me, and
    that her and Kay had been riding around with Ben after he would drop John off at Dr. Janov’s
    primal scream therapy offices in Bel Air. I was skeptical until one night they pulled up at my
    house (in Sylmar) in John’s limo!! They covered my head with a blanket and drove to Janov’s office. Ben had us sit in the lobby and asked that we not speak to John when he emerged.
    Sure enough, out strode a short-haired John thru the lobby and into the waiting limo outside!

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