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Paul McCartney performs on Badfinger’s Rock Of All Ages

IBC Studios, London
Producers: Paul McCartney, Mal Evans

Paul McCartney assisted in a number of sessions for Badfinger’s album Magic Christian Music in 1968 and 1969, producing several songs and writing ‘Come And Get It’.

Rock Of All Ages, the b-side to the Come And Get It single, was recorded on this day. McCartney co-produced the song with Mal Evans, and helped write it, although the latter gesture went uncredited.

During the session McCartney played piano and sang a guide vocal alongside Badfinger’s Tom Evans, which was later replaced by a second vocal part by Evans.

Two stereo mixes of Rock Of All Ages were released. The single version had McCartney’s piano in the right channel, while the album version had it centred. The latter version of the song also faded 10 seconds earlier.

Last updated: 10 December 2011
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