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Paul McCartney and George Harrison produce a Jackie Lomax session

Jackie Lomax’s debut single for Apple, Sour Milk Sea, was an unexpected chart failure. Ahead of the release of his album, Is This What You Want?, a hastily-arranged session took place for a follow-up single.

The session was produced by Paul McCartney and George Harrison. McCartney had decided that a cover version of The Coasters’ Thumbin’ A Ride was to be the single’s a-side, with an original Lomax composition, Going Back To Liverpool, on the b-side.

McCartney played drums on Thumbin’ A Ride, which was recorded in Apple’s basement studio in their Savile Row headquarters. McCartney and Harrison also performed guitar parts, with Harrison on lead.

Going Back To Liverpool may have been recorded on this same date; the drumming sounds like McCartney, and he certainly performed backing vocals and guitar.

The two songs were reported as making up Lomax’s next single in an issue of the New Musical Express dated 22 March 1969. However, a new song – titled New Day – was eventually released as the a-side, making Thumbin’ A Ride the b-side. Going Back To Liverpool was eventually released as a bonus track on a 1991 reissue of Is This What You Want?.

Last updated: 13 October 2011
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