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Ringo Starr is interviewed for the BBC’s Scene And Heard

Prior to the first Let It Be session to be filmed at Apple Studios, Ringo Starr gave an interview to the BBC’s David Wigg for the radio show Scene And Heard.

The interview took place as Starr was being driven to London from Brookfield, his home in Elstead, Surrey. It came at a time when media speculation was rife about The Beatles’ future, including a report in the Daily Sketch that morning about George Harrison’s departure from the group. Starr confirmed that The Beatles often argued like any other group of close friends, but denied that they were splitting.

Disc And Music Echo had also reported that Apple was close to bankruptcy, but Starr blamed the situation on the UK’s taxation laws. “If we earn a million, then the government gets 90 per cent and we get 10,000 [sic].” He did admit that Apple was scaling back its number of projects, and that their actual wealth was smaller than the public perception.

The interview was released on the 1976 album The Beatles Tapes With David Wigg.

Last updated: 7 October 2021
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