Filming: A Hard Day’s Night

On this day The Beatles filmed the press interview scenes at the Scala Theatre, London, for their debut feature film A Hard Day’s Night.

The dialogue was based on the events that took place on 11 February 1964, following The Beatles’ concert at the Washington Coliseum in Washington, DC. The group had attended a reception held at the British Embassy, but walked out after one of the guests cut a lock from Ringo Starr’s hair.

People were sort of touching us as we walked past, that kind of thing. Wherever we went we were supposed to be not normal and we were supposed to put up with all sorts of shit from lord mayors and their wives and be touched and pawed like A Hard Day’s Night only a million more times. At the American Embassy, the British Embassy in Washington, or wherever it was, some bloody animal cut Ringo’s hair, in the middle of… I walked out of that. Swearing at all of them and I just left in the middle of it.
John Lennon, 1970
Lennon Remembers, Jann S Wenner

John Lennon in A Hard Day's Night, 2 April 1964

Last updated: 25 November 2022
John Lennon is reunited with his father Alf
Filming: A Hard Day's Night trailer
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