The Beatles live: Odeon Cinema, Luton

This was The Beatles’ only concert at Luton’s Odeon Cinema, although they did perform in the town on two other occasions.

The Luton show was the third of four consecutive concerts promoted by John Smith. The mini-tour of England was granted by Brian Epstein after he cancelled a number of Mersey Beat Showcase nights earlier in 1963. The Beatles earned £250 for each of the concerts.

The Odeon Cinema was located at 127 Dunstable Road, Bury Park, Luton. It opened on 12 October 1938, and had seating for 1,332 in the stalls and 626 in the circle. In 1983 it was converted to a bingo hall, and in 2001 became a church.

This was The Beatles’ second of three visits to Luton. They had previously performed at the Majestic Ballroom on 17 April 1963, and gave two concerts at the Ritz Cinema on 4 November 1964.

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