The Beatles sign management contract with Brian Epstein

The only contract bearing the signatures of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and their manager Brian Epstein was signed on this day.

It replaced an earlier contract which had been signed by the group’s previous drummer Pete Best.

Ringo Starr signed the contract under his real name, Richard Starkey, and the fathers of George Harrison and Paul McCartney also signed the contract, as the pair were under 21 and needed parental consent.

Under the terms of the contract, Epstein agreed to “undertake all necessary advertising and publicity for the Artists” and to “advise the Artists on all matters concerning clothes, make-up and the presentation and construction of the Artists’ acts” in return for 25% of the group’s earnings, as long as they made in excess of £200 per week each.

The Beatles and Epstein signed the contract at Epstein’s office at NEMS in Whitechapel, Liverpool, four days before the release of their first single ‘Love Me Do’. The signing was witnessed by Epstein’s secretary Beryl Adams.

The contract was sold at auction in London in 2008 for £240,000, and again in 2015 for £365,000 ($553,121).

THIS AGREEMENT is made the 1st day of October 1962 BETWEEN NEMS ENTERPRISES LIMITED whose Registered Office is situate at 62/72 Walton Road in the City of Liverpool (hereinafter called “the Manager”) of the first part JOHN WINSTON LENNON of 251 Menlove Avenue GEORGE HARRISON of 25 Upton Green JAMES PAUL McCARTNEY of 20 Forthlin Road and RICHARD STARKEY of 10 Admiral Grove, all of Liverpool aforesaid (hereinafter called “the Artists”) of the second part and HAROLD HARGREAVES HARRISON of 25 Upton Green (hereinafter called “Mr.Harrison”) JAMES McCARTNEY of 20 Forthlin Road (hereinafter called “Mr.McCartney”) both of Liverpool aforesaid of the third part.


A. The Artists are desirous of performing as a group of musicians to be known as ”THE BEATLES” and pursuant thereto of taking engagements in the following branches of the entertainment industry:-

(a) Vaudeville and revue
(b) Motion Pictures
(c) Balls and Dances whether of a private or public nature
(d) Radio and Television broadcasting
(e) Concerts, private parties, cabarets
(f) Phonographic and tape recording
(g) Sponsorship projects

B. The Artists have agreed to appoint the Manager to be their Manager upon the terms and conditions hereinafter appearing and the Manager has agreed to act as such Manager upon the said terms and conditions.

The Beatles had previously signed a contract on 24 January 1962 but Epstein failed to sign. In his memoir A Cellarful Of Noise, Epstein claimed that this enabled the group to walk away if he failed to arrange a recording contract.

With the release of ‘Love Me Do’ scheduled for 5 October 1962, Epstein felt he had fulfilled this requirement. The new contract was to last for five years. It also contained two signatures by John Lennon, who inadvertently signed in the wrong place, crossed out his first attempt and re-signed in the correct area.

A later supplementary agreement was signed by all parties on 22 January 1963. The revision removed the clause allowing either party to terminate the management agreement at three months’ notice.

Last updated: 9 March 2023
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