Live: Town Hall, Forres, Scotland

The fifth date of The Silver Beetles' tour of Scotland with Liverpudlian singer Johnny Gentle.

By this point the group had run out of money, despite calling tour promoter Larry Parnes daily. The next day they drove off from their hotel, The Royal Station, without paying the bill.

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2 responses on “Live: Town Hall, Forres, Scotland

  1. Royal Hotel

    I am the current manager of the Royal Hotel in Forres (formally the Royal Station Hotel) To Whom should i send the room bill from the night of Thur the 26th May 1960 (£9.3s.3d) per head

    1. Joe Post author

      You could try invoicing Apple. Failing that, I hear Paul McCartney’s not short of a few bob these days. Don’t forget to charge for inflation!

      Seriously, though, I’d write to McCartney’s office in Soho Square and make a cheeky request. You never know, you may just get a nice letter back…

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