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The Silver Beetles live: Northern Meeting Ballroom, Inverness, Scotland

The day after their Scottish debut, the Silver Beetles travelled 150 miles north to Inverness to continue their seven-date tour with Liverpudlian singer Johnny Gentle.

The group were on a bill which also featured Ronnie Watt and The Chekkers Rock Dance Band. It was advertised as The Beat Ballad Show, and lasted from 7.30pm to 11.30pm. Admission was three shillings before 8pm, and five shillings thereafter.

While the Silver Beetles performed, in the main room downstairs at at the ballroom Lindsay Ross and his Famous Broadcasting Band played ‘old tyme’ dance music for a somewhat older clientele.

In their hotel after the show, Johnny Gentle – real name John Askew – worked on a song he was writing called I’ve Just Fallen For Someone. John Lennon helped out on the middle eight, contributing four lines:

We know that we’ll get by
Just wait and see
Just like the song tells us
The best things in life are free

The song was later recorded by Askew, under the name Darren Young. It was released as the b-side of the single My Tears Will Turn To Laughter, released on the Parlophone label with the catalogue number R4919 in August 1962. The song didn’t include a credit for Lennon, and failed to chart having sold around 3,000 copies.

Last updated: 24 January 2024
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