Mixing, editing: Love You To, I Want To Tell You, Here, There And Everywhere, For No One, Doctor Robert, Taxman

Studio Three (control room), EMI Studios, Abbey Road
Producer: George Martin
Engineer: Geoff Emerick

There were three scheduled sessions at Abbey Road on this day, as The Beatles rushed to complete work on Revolver. The first two sessions were for the creation of mono and stereo mixes for six songs, and the third saw the recording of a new song, ‘She Said She Said’.

The first mixing session began at 10am, and finished at 1pm. Three stereo mixes of ‘Love You To’, which still had the working title Granny Smith, were made first. An edit involving all three mixes was then made, to create the final version.

Another George Harrison song, ‘I Want To Tell You’, was the next to be tackled. Two stereo mixes were made, followed by two of Paul McCartney’s ‘Here, There And Everywhere’. The first session ended with two mono mixes of the same song, replacing the one made on 17 June 1966.

There was a break from 1pm to 2.30pm. From then until 6.30pm more mixing and editing took place, beginning with two mono mixes of ‘For No One’, three of ‘Doctor Robert’, and two of ‘Taxman’.

Edits of Doctor Robert and Taxman were then made, after which both songs were ready for release.

The session ended with a stereo mix of For No One and two of Taxman, after which an edit was made of the two Taxman mixes. The Beatles had a 30-minute break before entering Studio Two and beginning work on ‘She Said She Said’.

Mixing: Got To Get You Into My Life
Recording, mixing: She Said She Said
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