Radio: Saturday Club, Pop Profile

The Beatles gave two sets of interviews for BBC radio programmes on this day, at the Playhouse Theatre in London.

The first was for the 400th edition of Saturday Club. The Beatles discussed their work so far on the as-yet-untitled Revolver, along with the forthcoming US tour and their lower public profile in 1966. The interviewer was Brian Matthew.

Afterwards Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr remained behind to be interviewed again by Matthew for Pop Profile, a show for the BBC Transcription Service to be syndicated overseas. John Lennon and George Harrison had made a similar appearance on 30 November 1965.

The pair were interviewed separately. Starr's was recorded from 5pm, and McCartney's from 5.30pm, both lasting 15 minutes but later edited down to eight. The interviews were posted to participating stations worldwide later in May 1966 on 7" vinyl discs.

The 400th edition of Saturday Club, meanwhile, was broadcast from 10am-midday on 4 June on the BBC Light Programme service.

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  1. Sitting on a cornflake

    Hi – I heard these intervews for the first time on the recent BBC Vol. 2 issue. Have you noticed how McCartney puts on a ‘posher’ accent? he seems to want to be the one who comes across as ‘intellectual’.

    Also I was wondering if the first interview you mention here (where they discuss Revolver) is available anywhere?

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