Recording: It’s For You by Cilla Black

The Beatles had arrived at London Airport at 11.10am, following their flight back from Sydney, Australia. In the afternoon John Lennon and Paul McCartney attended a recording session at EMI Studios, Abbey Road, in which Cilla Black recorded their song ‘It’s For You’.

The song was produced by George Martin. McCartney played piano, and both he and Lennon suggested ideas for the recording – not all of which were welcomed by the singer.

Paul was at the recording session when I made ‘Anyone Who Had A Heart’. He said that he liked the composition and he and John would try to produce something similar. Well they came up with this new number, but for my money it’s nothing like the ‘Anyone’ composition. That was some session we had when I made the new recording. John and Paul joined me, and George Martin. We made one track and then everyone had a go at suggesting how they thought it should be recorded. And everyone had different ideas. George said it should be one way, Paul and John another and I just added my suggestions while they were thinking of what else they could do with the composition.
Cilla Black
Last updated: 11 October 2021
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