Live: Caird Hall, Dundee

The third and final night of The Beatles' mini-tour of Scotland took place at Dundee's Caird Hall. Also on the bill were Johnny Hudson and the Hi Four, Malcolm Clarke and the Crestas, the Caravelles and Tommy Dene and the Tremors.

As with their other two Scottish dates in October 1963, the concert was promoted by Albert Bonici and Andy Lothian Jr. The Beatles returned to Dundee on one other occasion, giving another performance at Caird Hall on 20 October 1964.

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6 responses on “Live: Caird Hall, Dundee

  1. Lorraine Wilson

    Just to say that the information on this post is slightly wrong. The 1963 concerts were promoted jointly by Bonici and Andy Lothian jnr. Also the support acts here were Johnny Hudson and the Hi Four, Malcolm Clarke and the Crestas and the Caravelles. Johnny Hudson and the Hi Four and the Caravelles were both managed by Andy Lothian jnr.

        1. Phil Cowan

          Hi Mike
          I’m researching a Hagstrom J45 acoustic guitar that was left behind by the Fab-four after their concert at the Caird Hall in 1963 – priviliged to be in contact with someone who actually played on the same bill – a long time ago I know, but if you can throw any light on this guitar I would be greatly obliged.
          Kind regards
          Phil Cowan

  2. Donald Kirkbride

    i read somewhere that the beatles stayed in a hotel in perth and when they were having their breakfast a waitress got them to autograph a cornflakes packet whether this story is true or just a rumour i dont know but if true i wonder if that cornflake packet still exists?

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